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Salah: a shield against difficulties

The Holy Qur’an says that prayer is a very important shield against the difficulties and hardships we face in this world. Allah Almighty says: “Seek help through perseverance and the Ṣalāh.” (Qur’an 2:155)
The Almighty says that if one perseveres and seeks Allah’s help through prayer he is aided by the faith in God and his abounding help. It does not mean that the difficulties are curtailed and the problems are solved as by magic. It means that it develops our faith in God and gives us the wisdom to see that how insignificant are these trials and what great reward will we get if we preserver and have faith in the Almighty Allah. God gives us courage and grants us with understanding the nature of this life on earth. When we are sure that what we do in this life and what we face here in this world is going to add to our rewards in the afterlife we feel courage to brave any difficultly we face. It was what the Prophet (sws) would do when facing difficulties. He would stand in prayer befo…

Right and Duties

Every right has a corresponding duty. God has arranged innumerable agents and systems that together make my life possible. He has given me parents who loved me and fed me when I couldn’t even reach my mother to feed myself. My parents could not have taken care of me, were the society not there to fulfill their needs. Every single individual in the society played a tremendous role in my upbringing. One can hardly tell from where the wheat grain comes. How many people put their efforts from planning, ploughing, watering, harvesting, grinding, packing, transportation and distribution, a complex system that makes sure we are properly fed. I have enjoyed rights to education, health services, freedom of expression, opportunities to grow, move in the country, and use all the facilities that are available in the country. I take these rights as my birth rights. Some call these basic human rights. Reason and morality both tell me that every right I enjoy has a corresponding duty. If I have the …

Mock Teacher: Tariq Mahmood Hashmi

Long ago he set his feet on the path of learning holding to chest his bibles victim of intense yearning                                        yet he failed
sat he before so mad the cleric no deigning so much as to look at the staff adorned as old relic tossed he against all wanton frolic yet he failed
found them pushing deeper in chaos when lowered himself before the wise theater of the absurd is the best class the uncertainty is philosophy far and wide                                                yet he failed
he atoned for all the sinful expedition taking on the color of the good old days all enlightenment lies it transpired after all deep in ignorance and it is true he says
thus he wailed.

Postcolonialism Introduction

Critical Intimacy: An Interview with Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak

Today, Spivak is an academic superstar — a prolific scholar and co-founder of the Institute for Comparative Literature and Society at Columbia University. When she first started working on a translation of Derrida’s treatise, Spivak was an unknown academic in her mid-20s — “this young Asian girl,” as she says, trying to navigate the strange world of American academe. Spivak was a most unlikely translator. She had no formal training in philosophy and was not a native English or French speaker, so it was an audacious — almost preposterous — project to translate such a complex work of high theory. She not only translated the book; she also wrote her own monograph-length preface that introduced Derrida to a new generation of literary scholars. Intimacy: An Interview with Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak