Salah: a shield against difficulties

The Holy Qur’an says that prayer is a very important shield against the difficulties and hardships we face in this world. Allah Almighty says: “Seek help through perseverance and the Ṣalāh.” (Qur’an 2:155)

The Almighty says that if one perseveres and seeks Allah’s help through prayer he is aided by the faith in God and his abounding help. It does not mean that the difficulties are curtailed and the problems are solved as by magic. It means that it develops our faith in God and gives us the wisdom to see that how insignificant are these trials and what great reward will we get if we preserver and have faith in the Almighty Allah. God gives us courage and grants us with understanding the nature of this life on earth. When we are sure that what we do in this life and what we face here in this world is going to add to our rewards in the afterlife we feel courage to brave any difficultly we face. It was what the Prophet (sws) would do when facing difficulties. He would stand in prayer before his Lord and seek His help.


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