Jihad against Ignorance and Unemployment

The education system in Azad Kashmir is already crossing the ultimate level of perfection. The government appoints teachers in schools who don’t bother to teach. Why would they? They have to teach their children in private schools in the cities, Muzaffarabad or Islamabad. This is, of course, more pressing to avail your own children of better education. So they move to the cities and never turn back to the school unless they have to receive their salary. You might wonder how do they get paid!!!!!
Here is the science. A teacher gets Rs 40,000 in salary for example. He appoints another unemployed youth from the village to teach in his stead for a meager amount say Rs 3000. A couple of thousands might go the AEO or the higher authorities. So you afford an unemployed person employment, avail your own children of better education and thus serve the nation in two ways; a good number of children are offered education in better private institutions and the unemployment rate is substantially decreased.
Don’t think that it is an evil. It is a great good in this society. The very pious and religious people adopt this practice very religiously. So it is a great value. Many of my relatives themselves are enjoying this model of jihad against ignorance and unemployment.


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