Lisbon, Portugal: Where to Find the Best Dining

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is one of the richest historical European sites. Those given to sightseeing and travel on the globe can’t resist the varieties of attractions the city has to offer. The largest and the most populous city in Portugal, is home to about three million people.  Lisbon is a coastal metropolitan which lies at the mouth of the River Tagus. The multitude of cultural and traditional treasures include historical sites such as Discoverers’ Monument, Belem, Jeronimos Monastery, St. George’s Castle and many more, with the soothing music of sandy beaches, Vasco da Gama - the longest bridge in Europe - seven hills, and captivating gardens, as well as universities and research centers. The mainly sunny climate and modern architecture is no less fascinating.
Boasting of rich cultural heritage Lisbon is also a palette for your taste buds. Though it would be running the risk of being unfair to the many of the top quality restaurants, missing a few outstanding ones with their unique atmosphere, quality of traditional and modern cuisines, excellent service and overall experience would be nothing short of a sin.  Decades old Cervejaria Ramiro, Intendente, offers an abundance of seafood, hence nicknamed seafood temple. Those with a taste for mussels, spiky shellfish, rock crab, or favourite Portugese percebes owe themselves a visit to this place of exquisite beauty and gourmet food. The food connoisseurs hoping to taste the miracles of the celebrated chef José Avillez might love to visit comfortable environs of Cantinho do Alvillez. This food nest has been sung accolades for the captivating atmospheres adorning the opulently embellished rooms. The restaurant is also characterized by its special affordable cuisines. You may also taste an array of international food and American dishes if you are feeling home sick; surely flavours and colours blossom uniquely in the food of this land.
Another obligatory ritual for the visitors to Lisbon is Tagide Wine and Tapas Bar. One is afforded the leisure to enjoy Ibérico ham or amêijoas à bulhão pato, a traditional Portuguese speciality accompanied by fresh ice-cream and a glass of wine.  The sight of the adorned architecture of these destinations adds to the enjoyment of the drink, making the overall experience more heavenly then the confines of imagination and it lingers for long in one’s memory and taste buds.
Enjoying good food while sightseeing is an added prize; Tira-Te Ao Rio is the restaurant located at the south bank of the Tagus. Here you are in direct sight of the city as it stretches along the river bank, sitting right over the river water. The best time to visit is the sunset to which you say goodbye while tasting tuna pâté, a couple of olives or confit cod, and Portuguese steak. The best thing is that it does not put much burden on your pocket. Try it and you would thank us.
Lisbon is a fascinating city with attractions that can’t be abbreviated without running the risk of shaky choice. It would not be unwise to avail a car rental service at Lisbon Airport just after landing and looking around before deciding to settle in a favourite spot. Most of the city can be walked through particularly at night time as the Lisbons are almost nocturnal beings. Rich in its culture, known for historical monuments, decorated with breathtakingly beautiful gardens the city has a great diversity of restaurants offering distinguished foods and titillating cuisines which can be enjoyed in the comfy atmosphere; an experience that might accompany you for long.
(Written by Reham Tariq)


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