Ways to Improve Air Quality at Home

Ways to Improve Air Quality at Home
Air pollution is a phenomenon exclusively limited to the outdoor environment. In fact, it is entirely probable that our homes are comparatively more polluted. For people with allergies and respiratory problems, maintaining the quality of the air in our homes is extremely necessary. Outdoor pollutants making their way inside, improper house cleaning and washing can contribute to worsening the indoor environment. There are many controls to checking and regulating a good indoor air quality.  Listed below are important ways to improve air quality at home.
Put your Shoes by the Door
Mud is not the only thing that shoes may bring into your house. You tend to spend a lot of your time outside and your shoes come into contact with innumerable pollutants. Hence, to maintain the environment in your homes, you should keep a shoe rack by the door. Consequently, the dust won’t spread around the house; bringing a reduction in indoor pollution.  Consider employing a larger sized mat, some visitors are not tuned to following social etiquettes. The larger size will compensate for that and the shoes will definitely shed a good amount of pollutants without their wearers even knowing that.
Maintain Pet Cleanliness
Our beautiful, friendly and loving pets certainly make a part of our family. Like any other member, they too contribute to indoor pollution. Pets tend to be playful. They run around in gardens in addition to playing in mud or puddles. Make sure that you wipe your pet’s paws whenever they come home from outside. Furthermore, giving them warm baths and cleaning them regularly with a towel can remove the pollutants that bring home stuck with their fur. This not only gives us a better air quality but helps with the health of our precious pets.
Keeping Floors Clean
Many allergens, toxins, pollutants and chemicals can settle on our house floor. Though we may make sure to clean every inch of visible space, but what about the dust settled behind cupboards, under beds, beneath sofas and within shelves? Vacuum your house carefully, especially in areas where you tend to gather regularly. Pet dander, dust mites, and pollen are hidden everywhere, so definitely remember to vacuum even walls. Mopping marble floors, even with water, adds to safer indoor air - especially since sometimes cleaning products may emit VOCs which are toxic.
Humidity under Check!
Moisture invites some of the entities that taint fresh environments - mold, dust mites et al. Air humidity must be maintained at percentages ranging from 30%-50% to bring under control any kind of allergen. Exhaust fans in kitchens and bathrooms help relieve them of humidity when washing, cooking or bathing. Though it is helpful to grow healthy houseplants like English Ivy or Peace Lily, prevent plant overwatering. Fix any cluttered gutters or plumbing and if you have an air conditioner regularly get its filter cleaned.
Say no to Smoking inside your Home
 Smoking or worse doing any sort of drugs within your homes not only harms your individual health but also puts your family members in danger. Tobacco smoke contains hundreds of chemicals, many of which are carcinogens, which can stay within our homes for a long period of time. In comparison to nicotine, the smoke tends to do more damage: like causing cancers and respiratory diseases. Thus, if you are addicted to the smoke strive instead to keep your home safer - take the cigarettes outside for the better.
Check that Paint!
Wall paints contain an abundance of chemicals, like VOCs, emitted over a large time range. The diverse toxins released contribute to an unhealthy, non-ideal environment which can aggravate conditions for people with breathing problems like asthma. When choosing what paints to use in your house try and buy products that have ‘no VOCs, toxins or solvents’.
Have you checked for Radon?
Homes - old or new - can have radon problems. The gas is radioactive, emitted by uranium in soils beneath our homes, which makes its way up through cracks, from gardens or in any of the million pathways it can follow. An important contributor to lung cancer, it is a serious hazard to our health. You can easily purchase test kits from stores and see if your home has safe radon levels. In an unfortunate case where it exceeds optimum levels, it can easily be brought under control quite inexpensively.

(by Reham Tariq)


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